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Helsinki Bus Station Theory and Kandinsky

Finnish-American photographer Arno Minkkinen (see his photo above) introduced the Helsinki Bus Station Theory of creativity. I first heard about this in a talk by the fairly outrageous Grayson Perry.

But I’ve just come across a similar analogy from Kandinsky, writing more than a century ago. Do you think they are similar ideas?

"In daily life we would rarely find a man who will get off the train at Regensburg when he wants to go to Berlin. In spiritual life, getting off Regensburg is a rather common occurrence. Sometimes even the driver does not want to go on, and all the passengers get of at Regensburg. How many who sought God stopped at a carved figure! How many who searched for art were arrested at a form that an artist had used for his own purpose, be it Giotto, Raphael, Durer, or Van Gogh!"

- Wassily Kandinsky, in the essay On the Question of Form, appearing in the 1912 Blaue Reiter Almanac

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  2. dabacahin answered: Yes, there are similarities. Will read more on Kandinsky and Minkkinen. Thanks for this reminder of their art and wisdom. :)
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