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Spanish Spiral: 7/13 - Zafra

The small town of Zafra in Extremadura, Spain, is not really a major tourist spot. We ended up there as a place to recuperate from a cold, but enjoyed it a lot. Above is a courtyard - a common feature across Spain - and a pharmacy displaying the beautiful shiny tiles that adorn major buildings, particularly in the south of the country.

But the real highlight of Zafra was simply strolling in the evenings, back and forth between the plazas of the town, together with everyone else, who seemingly do this every evening.  I am not sure when they do their tumblr, but it felt like a wonderful sense of community.

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  2. unwordinglanguage said: Forgot to ask. Do you have any photos of the girls in flamenco dresses from one of your previous posts? I loved that part! You’ve also reminded me that I’d been to Spain and went to a flamenco show. Been in love with it (flamenco aesthetic) since.
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