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Art History Meme | Galleries 2/2: GoMA: Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

From APT7 (7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art):

  • Sushi by Paramodel (Japan)
  • The World Turns (2012) Elephant sculpture by Michael Parekowhai (NZ)
  • Paramodelic installation entertaining kids (again by Paramodel)
  • View down the main hall. Papua New Guinea (PNG) was the focus nation of APT7
  • Sepik building, constructed for the exhibition
  • The Journey (2011, detail) by Uji Handoko Eki Saputro  - aka Hahan (Indonesia)
  • Big Yellow installation (2012) by Richard Maloy (NZ)
  • Pink room (I don’t know who it was by but was fun. An arched floor and strange noises)

APT7 was great. I have previously blogged it.

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